Sunday, April 4, 2010

product review: OWL Wireless Energy Monitor

I thought I should share my latest eco-obsession: our OWL wireless energy monitor. I know, it sounds complicated, but it's not, really!

Cindy set it up with the help of our 17 month old, so it's not too tricky -- you just program in your energy costs with the option for different tariffs, hook the sensor up to your electric board (or whatever they call those things) and you are on your way. It tells you in real-time your power, cost and carbon footprint.

We are constantly looking at the numbers - you can see immediately the effect of turning off one light has on your your bill, your footprint and the amount of energy being used. For example, I'll admit I have been shocked at the amount of electricity the dishwasher eats up. (I knew it was going to be an energy zapper, but not as much as it is. But, no, I won't give it up! I'll just try to reduce the number of times I run it per week.) And I always felt guilty running the dryer, but also have had a hard time not using it. (I'm American, remember!) As I can't ignore the data supplied from the monitor, it makes me think a bit more about my choices.

I found ours online at Nigel's Eco Store. Was a Christmas present for Cin. (Romantic, I know, but for someone with a passion for clean technology, it was the most exciting gift, EVER.)

From Nigel's Eco Store's website:

OWL Wireless Energy Monitor - shows exactly how much electricity you're using and the cost

It's easier to cut your electricity bills if you know how much you're using. The OWL wireless electricity Monitor can help you reduce your electricity use and your carbon footprint by showing you how much electricity you are using, as you use it. Simple to install, OWL easily connects to your electrical supply without needing an electrician.
This latest version of the best selling OWL Wireless Energy Meter has a cumulative memory feature, is more accurate, and Economy 7 multiple tariff compatibility making it easier than ever to monitor electricity usage.
Using an OWL you can see the cost and energy saving of turning off electrical appliances and lights. It'll show you the savings arising from turning something off completely vs leaving it on standby, and how much you'll save by changing your habits - you could save hundreds of pounds per year!

Price: £34.99 incl. VAT

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