Sunday, April 25, 2010

O Me, O My, O'Dough!

April 24th, 2010: a very sunny and beautiful Saturday that was spent, amongst other outdoor activities, playing with our new O'Dough kit. I feel compelled to say a few things about the overall kit before I go on as it's very clear has spent a lot of time being conscious about every aspect of their products. Case in point: Packaging was in recycled paper, tied with twine. Each little tub is packed in a compostable plastic container and between the 6 tubs was pretty little shavings (see picture), instead of miscellaneous paper or (gasp!) styrofoam peanuts.

Now, onto the actual Dough - it came in 6, primary and secondary colors (not as dark though - all were pastel-like) with a good array of active colors (i.e. no brown or black because, let's be honest, there are only limited things you can make with those and if your little one mushes all the colors together you have a huge brown blob anyway). The texture is a bit hard to describe but as a comparable, it's a bit softer and more pliable than conventional play-dough, not as runny or sticky as goo or putty, and not a dry or oily cookie dough - just right. One of the best things I liked about the O'Dough is that it smells quite pleasant, like a fresh vanilla bean. My worst memory with play-dough was the terrible smell that it left on your hands for days to come and there's not a trace with the O'Dough. The product molds quite well and as you can see in the picture of our pig, is sticky enough to make small parts but hard enough to stand on its own. Best of all, Henry was extremely happy with his new O'Dough.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to others as well. Frankly, with gluten-free, wheat-free and toxin-free ingredients, I don't see why all of the schools shouldn't replace their current playdoughs with O'Dough.


  1. Hi Green Families
    Oh my, what lovely feedback for O'Dough! :D I am so happy you and especially Henry are enjoying it. :)

    As a new product improvements are always possible and customer feedback is what makes it happen. Is there anything no matter how small, that you would like us to work on, add, or change with O'Dough?

    Indeed it would be wonderful if O'Dough was the play dough of choice in all UK play centres and schools. Who knows what is around the corner? Whatever it is we're ready to play... :)

    Love n light
    Helen from Innocent Oils

  2. Hi, Helen!

    Thanks for your comment! :) We absolutely loved the O'Dough and would not change a thing!eAnd I really must commend you again on your packaging as well! You really have thought of everything!

    Thanks again for your fabulous products! Jess xx

  3. That looks brilliant! Thanks for the review - looks like something we'd love to use once K is no longer eating everything in front of her!

  4. I know! We waited a long time for playdough!! I made some edible stuff for Henry way before he was really ready - it was fun for me at least. :)

  5. Wikaniko have started providing o`dough through its online shops too.
    Seems to be a popular choice for mums

  6. Hi - I love the packaging and I really love the idea of gluten free playdough. I decided to buy two boxes, despite the price, a couple of years ago. I sent one box to Nursery and put one box away for when my son was older. I opened the second box tonight and the O'Dough is completely rock solid and it has white bubbles on it. I am so disappointed. I checked everywhere and I couldn't see an expiry date. The O'Dough has been stored in it's original packaging (never opened before) and I didn't expect that it would be like this. Have you had reports of this before?