Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green Parents Meetups - all shades of green welcome!

I had such a great time at our Green Parents Cafe Meetup today! We chatted about a variety of topics - and learned that I have an obsession with steam cleaners (they sanitize and don't use ANY chemicals, yipee!, but they use electricity so could be better).

Wallace & Co is such a fab location! If you haven't been there before, I really encourage you to stop in for a coffee or muffin. (Or join us on Thursday mornings at 10am - wink!)  They "aim to bring you the best local, seasonal fruit and vegetables on a plate.  Most of the produce is grown at Secrett’s Farm in Surrey, where our restaurant supply business Secrett’s Direct is based.  And stock a small selection of that produce in the cafĂ© – whatever is great right now." Love that you can buy fresh, season rhurbarb or a yummy biscuit all in the same place!

I think the most important part of our Meetups is that we all come together to support each other on the wild and fun ride of parenthood. And every one of us is just trying to make the world a better place for our children. At Green Families, we believe everyone is a different place and it is okay to be all "shades of green" - we are here to help families be healthier and greener without judgement or condescension! (Frankly, we believe that small steps towards a greener life is the most practical and approachable method.)

Can't wait for next week's Meetup! For more information, please contact me at stclair (at)

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