Tuesday, April 6, 2010

book club: my green day

I picked up 'My Green Day: 10 green things that I can do today' at our local bookstore for Henry's Easter basket. By Melanie Walsh, it's an adorable book full of little green tips for the kiddies. Henry has other eco- books about animals and plants, but this our first very practical guide for kids to learn to create a greener world. (As a result of this information, he learned to say compost this weekend. :) What we didn't consider was that he would then become obsessed with the compost bin. Oops. I guess it's good he is so inquisitive?!)

The book follows a day from morning to night; kids learn why it is best to use free range eggs and compost the shells, hang clothes to dry, make crafts from old things, play in the park, etc. The message is a great one - although much too sophisticated for my 18 month old. (Yes, the book is aimed at 3+ years.) Henry LOVES the illustrations though - they are gorgeous and completely worth the book until he gets old enough for the actual content.

The book is made from 100% recycled materials. Would have been cool to see it printed with soy ink, but don't know how that would last or look. At £10.99, it's not the cheapest book, but a great investment for your child's library.

Highly recommend it - it is inspiring enough to try to for a (very) green day myself. :)

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