Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plastic-Free February: Day 6

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. 
- or another working title - 
Why we can't always be perfect.

I'm just finishing my first week of trying to live plastic-free. And let me tell you, it has been challenging.

I'm not perfect. I was working on Saturday morning and didn't get around to the farmers' market to buy our fresh and seasonal produce. Also, we didn't get time to head down to the Whole Foods which is about 4 miles from our house to buy food in bulk so I thought I'd head to another organic shop that was closer to us. Unfortunately, as is the case with good food stores, they were mostly sold out of all their produce and didn't have a bulk foods section. (Don't worry, we drove there in our hybrid.) So we had to go to the supermarket. Blah. Even though we take our own Onya Fruit and Veg Bags (which you can buy from my Amazon store) instead of using flimsy, wasteful plastic ones, it is still hard to not buy plastic. You'll see the picture of our shopping items above. Can you find pasta without the plastic? Apricots and Raisins? Any suggestions?

*I might add that we always bring our own reusable shopping bags - so that is one solid, good, plastic-free practice we employ. Trying to focus on the positive here. :)

I know this week hasn't been the best for cutting down my plastic use. It is quite frustrating - as the perfectionist in me was hoping to be 100% plastic-free. But we are a busy family and I am doing what I can. I just hope that by sharing my struggles and lessons learned you will be inspired to consider your own plastic use. I figure the more that we can share our experiences, the more we can learn. And hell, no one is perfect, right?!

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