Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plastic-Free February: Day 3

Tackling our Toothbrushes...

Henry (2 years old) has always used a Green Baby toothbrush as I have wanted to avoid plastic in his mouth. (This wooden toothbrush uses natural, hygienically treated pig hair and are comfortable on young gums and teeth.)

But I was in a rush the last time he needed one so I just picked a plastic toothbrush up from the local pharmacy instead of ordering it in or heading down to the Whole Foods in Clapham Junction to pick it up there. (Being green takes a bit of forward-thinking, doesn't it?) He needs a new one so I'm placing an order tonight. And I am certain it will arrive without any plastic wrapping!

As for adult toothbrushes, I think the best option is the Monte Bianco. As they say,

"In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic that we all throw away they have developed a brush which uses replaceable heads, so when the old bristles wear out they are the only part which needs disposing of - you needn’t throw away the handle."

What do you and your family use?

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