Monday, May 31, 2010

Reusable Sandwich Bags (Guest Post)

Please check out my post over at the wonderful site Baby Budgeting! (A fabulous resource for any parent!)

I’ve always been interested in reusable products, but it really struck me that I was throwing a lot of money, resources and products away when packing sandwiches and snacks for my son and partner, particularly the lunch time one-hit wonders. It occurred to me that we don’t throw away the containers that that we use to pack lunches into, so why the bags? So I set out to explore a few low-cost alternatives to reusable food and freezer sandwich bags.
reusable lunch bags
First, for those not comfortable with or lacking access to a sewing machine, I would highly recommend Wrap-n-Mat. It’s washable, reusable and can even act as a placemat for some fancy dining. I found mine at Nigel’s Eco Store for £4.99. You can also find tupperware without scary chemicals like Sistema’s Klip It Picnic/lunch containers that are BPA and lead free.  There are many options out there – just remember not to heat anything in plastic containers – chemicals can leach out scary stuff when heated.
Now, for those of you who are a bit more ”stitchily” inclined, you can try to make your own snazzy reusable packs. I had a piece of fabric leftover that was just the right size, so I decided to make a snack bag. For the inner layer, you can use fabric (like canvas), oil cloth or a cut up a piece of sandwich wrap (my choice for this project). I quickly sewed the 2 pieces together, stitched up the sides leaving a bit of a longer piece in the back and attached Velcro on the front and back for a secure close. For a great (and more helpful) tutorial on making your own, check out 
At 4 bags a day for my partner and son’s lunches/snacks, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, that’s already that’s already about 1000 bags in savings!

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