Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Organic Fruit and Veg

The chemicals in pesticides can have great impact on your child/ren's lives since they do so much growing and developing early in life, so it is incredibly important to keep them out of our youngsters' systems.

  • To reduce your family’s exposure to toxins, try to choose organic ingredients-choosing organic will eliminate significant pesticide exposure. When this is not possible, it is especially important to purchase organic thin skinned fruits and vegetables, such as apples or potatoes since these absorb pesticides more than other produce. (Check out the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen.)
  • Try to choose food grown locally and in season (fruits and veggies grown in their natural season have less pesticide levels).

We also have to consider how to keep harmful chemicals from leaching into our food. We’re talking about plastic bibs, bottles, utensils and everything in between. And as soon as we start taking an honest look at what’s going our kids’ mouths, we’re forced to consider dummies, teethers and toys too, leaving busy parents a bit overwhelmed. But help is out there!  Check back for more posts on avoiding toxins and chemicals or contact us directly at stclair (at) for a personal consultation.

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